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Karanfilova E. The philosophy of dialog in the educational discourse (Գ )
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Mammadkarimova Z. M. Phonological interference as a result of secondlanguage learning in the period of globalization ( , )
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Historical sciences

Lokatyr N. M. The persone of Mykola Shlemkevych in historiography
Salata H. V. Prokuryakovs contribution to the architectural component of bridge designing
Lastovskyi V. V. Region Middle Dnieper in international relations middle XVI century: Spanish track
Vargatyuk S. The combated character of the second wave of the agriculture of soviet Russia against Ukraine at the limits of 19181919
Malets . . The foreign policy activity of the USLDP in the 20s of the century
Sinitskiy A. Ts. Ukrainian political elite and national idea (beginning of the 20th century)
Kharlamov M. I., ytarenko A. V., Oleiynyk D. V. State insurance against fire on the territory of Luhansk region in 19241925 (on materials of the State archive of Luhansk oblast)
Mukhanov V. N. Study of Cultural Soybeans in Research Institutions of the USSR in the 2030s of the 20th Century
Melnichuk I. A., Sulimenko O. G. Operational order NKVD 00439 1937 and its consequences for the German population of Zhytomyr region
Terentyev M. Participation of peasants in providing assistance to Soviet soldiers in the occupied territory of Ukraine in 19411944
Lukyanenko . V. Egodocuments on life of students of Poltava pedagogical institute during the GermanSoviet war (P.4)
Kostuk D. S. Nationalism: problem aspects
Kahanov Yu. O. Dissent of youth in the UkrSSR of the 19501970s as a challenge for ideological unity of the soviet society
Podobied O. A. Ukrainian theater and ballet in postwar West Germany
Turansky N. O. Cultural expansion of Russia in the Autonomous Republic of Crime in the end of XX beginning XXI
Shuliak S. O. The role of the library in overcoming the informational inequality: historical aspect
Kotyk Yu. V. Features of taxation of collective farms in the USSR in 19451953
Ilkovych V. M. Main directions of activity of the Union of Poles of Ukraine in 19912016 by the example of the Zhytomyr regional organization
Bilovus L. I. Ukrainianlanguage periodical of the USA about the role of the Ukrainian diaspora in spreading information about the Holodomor
Oliynyk O. M., Lineytseva N. V. Historiosophy of the hospitality industry in Ukraine: notes to the dialectics of the social development
Mikhalevich V. V., Bratus I. V. Historical background and prospects for the development of gaming design in Ukraine
Pikovska T. V. National programs of Polish political parties in the First Czechoslovak Republic (1918-1938)
Pospielov A. S., Yahovkin A. S. The EthiopianSomali conflict of 19771978 and the role of the great countries in it
Chumak S. I. Functioning of the General Staff of the USSR during the Second World War based on the archive collection Russian Archive. The Great Patriotic War
Botika T. S. AngloFrench cardinal consent on the materials of Russian magazines of the early 20th century
Agaev Sh. Sh. Relations between Russia and the Safavids during the Shah Safi
Aliyeva L. E. The military advice on the lifting of the siege of Iravan
Amirshakhova S. G. Sociogroup differences and norms of behavior of the population of the city of Sumgayit in the familyhousehold sphere
Maharramov S. G. On the state of agriculture in the Azerbaijani SSR in 19251927
Mahammadli D. H. Peculiarities of development of the library information infrastructure of the ShekiZagatala economic region of the Azerbaijan Republic at the present stage
Mustafayev A. Kh. To the NagornoKarabakh and other artificial popular domestic regional conflicts in the USSR
Gasimov E. A. Cooperation in the cultural field in AzerbaijanGermany relations (years of 2006)
Nabiyev B. E. Originality of national approach of geopolitical formation and development of Azerbaijan

Philosophicl sciences

Honcharenko O. A. Philosophy of culture by Bohdan Navrochynsky
Gryvinskyi R. R. The ideal of authenticity and the politics of recognition in Charles Taylors philosophy
Semikras V. V. The Methodological Pluralism in the philosophicallegal doctrine of Bohdan Kistiakivskyi
Buriak N. B. Comparative analysis of nonviolence ideas of ethics by Leo Tolstoy and Erich Fromm in Christianity
Zahrebelnyi I. V. Laicising aspect in Ukrainian literature by H. Kostelnyk
Halchenko M. S. Transformation of sociocultural values and knowledge in the environment of globalization
Hnatiuk Ya. S. Philosophical heuristics as methodological communication
Semenov V. H., Cherkasov S. M. On contemporary social laws and principals
Tanska L. V. Of modeling of social systems dynamic
Tarasyuk V. M. Actual problems of information sphere of Ukraine
Zaiets O. M. Ukrainian memory is the national policys reference
Kvashyn V. V. Changes in paradigm of information processes in the context of modern social development
Kozhemiakina O. M. Communicative determinants of mediatrust in the modern information society
Kolesnichenko S. S. Power in contemporary sociopolitical system of coordinates
nufriychuk R. V. Specification res and realitas in philosophy 19th century
Petrenko M. O. Life world as a condition of the possibility of identity, justice and dignity of human behavior
Ponomarenko Yu. V. Marginalization and universalization as the basis of the artisation of culture
Reva N. O. Why do not we think of Sherlock Holmes?
Salmanova K. M. Selecting values and curing its factors
Bredun I. V., Kompaniiets L. V. Eschatology of Fate: the idea of a circle
Brylov D. V. Muslim community of Kyiv before Soviet times (second half of XIX century beginning of XXc.)
Salo G. V. Anthropological principles of foreign Ukrainianity in its religious and philosophical views
Dobrodum O. V. Sacral spaces of Vaishnavism in WWW
Movchan M. N. The problem of fear and fear of death in the Indian philosophy of the twentieth century and in the religious and philosophical teachings of Buddhism
Mokienko M. Early Pentecostal experience: the reaction of related currents
Maevskaya L. B. Bayan ibn Saman and the sects that initiated his teaching
Zarichanska O. V. The influence of communication on the pharmacist personality development in the educational process
Karanfilova E. The philosophy of dialog in the educational discourse
Dubniak Z. O. University: what knowledge do we need today?
Mammadkarimova Z. M. Phonological interference as a result of secondlanguage learning in the period of globalization
Melnyk M. V. The actual issues of teaching the parttime students pharmacognosy in the creditmodule education system
Vodoslavskyi V. M. Educational and training center as the component of interdisciplinary links for implementation of practical skills in scientific disciplines, such as Pharmaceutical botanics, Pharmacognosis and Resource certification of medicinal plants
Zavalnyuk . V. Challenges of commercialization to the ideals of sport and physical culture

Political sciences

Valibayov R. V. Political systems and process of transformation of mass consciousness
Ivashchenko D. Ye. The genesis of technology transfers international legal regulation
Ishcheikin K. Y. Causes and implications of participation mechanisms implementation
Kliuchnyk R. M. Political protest: communicative factors of intensification
Kovalov A. V. Theoretical basis of the concept of deliberative democracy by J.Fishkin
Mischerska Zh. V. Problems of ensuring the independence of public broadcasting in democratic political systems
Goculyak V. M. A model of national identity in the processes of Ukrainian state formation
Degtyarev S. I. From the history of the formation of civil society in Ukraine
Petrenko I. I. Assessing the influence of think tanks on the political process
Fedorchenko V. M. The historical tradition of scientific definition of the subject field of the study of political ideologies in political science
Tsumariev M. I. Concept of culture of local democracy
HaiNyzhnyk P. P. V.Lypynsky and UDKhP in the theory and practice of Ukrainian State formation and political national conservatism (19001920)
Bidochko L. Ya. Transformations of Ukraines left parties at the beginning of the 21st century: materialistic analysis
Artishevsky A. E. Tax maidan deligitiation of political power
Vonsovych O. S. US national security strategy 2017: new approaches to addressing priority challenges and threats
Stalovierova G. V. Features of the UK and EU negotiations on British Brexite
Eyubzadeh R. The Presence of England in the Persian Gulf Region (late XIX beginning of the XX century)
Zernytskyi R. V. Comparison of the local government of the Kingdom of Norway and the Federal Republic of Germany in the context of the formation of pluralistic democracy
Dolzhenko A. A. Special services of the Russian Federation in the context of the hybrid war against Ukraine
Gojayeva L. R. Modern geopolitical situation in the Caucasus
Nabiev B. On the geopolitical nature of the political, economic and regional goals of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Scientific life

Kartunov O. V. Ethnopolitical Portraits of Galicia in the Kaleidoscope of Changing Historical Events. Review of the monograph: Halychyna in an ethnopolitical dimension / Authors team: V.O.Kotigorenko (leader), V.A.Voinalovich, O.Ya.Kalakura, L.L.Kovach, V.V.Kotsur, N.I.Kochan, .O.Lyashenko, N.Yu.Makarenko, Yu.O.Nikolayets, M.I.Panchuk, . V.Poznyak, .O.Rafalsky, M.Yu.Ryabchuk. K.: I.F.Kuras Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 2017. 840p.
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