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. . 䳿 ( Britain vs. Ukraine: ethnolinguistic studies (Wheel of the Year, Festivals) Litha vs. )
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Historical sciences

Vizer S. A., Rozhkova M. Yu. The personal factor in the public processes of Galicia Volyn Principality in the second half of the XIII century
Prykhodko Yu. O. The crisis of the system of economic relations of Commonwealth as a reason of national revolution led by B.Khmelnytsky
Zatorskyy o. N. The Ukrainian translations of the Epistle of Misael
Bohatchuk S. S. Development of education of Podilskyi region in the first half of the nineteenth century
Fedenko . . Italians in the formation and support of the Roman Catholic community of Odesa in the 19th century
Yaniuk I. Ukrainian credit cooperation and parceling processes in Eastern Halychyna from the early XX century
Levytskyi V. O. The providing system of the raw materials for the light industry of the Ukrainian provinces of the Russian empire in the second half of the XIX at the beginning of the XXth century
Lekhniuk R. O. The crisis of the Rusophile conservatism on the eve of the First World War: the political organization Galiianruthenian council
Melnichuk O. A., Murashova O. P. Development of the state pension insurance system in Ukraine in 20th of X century
HaiNyzhnyk P. P. Alphonse von Mumm Diplomat and Ambassador of Germany in Ukraine: A Short Life Chronicle (18591924)
Lavrut O. O. Quality of educational activity of students of schools of the Ukrainian SSR in the second half of the 1950s
Vargatyuk S. V. Changing the concept of neutrality of the foreign policy of Ukraine in the last days of the liberation struggle (19181920)
Bobina O. V. Revolutionary tradition in Ukraine: the beginnings
Klish A. B. Christian socials VS. Muscophiles: to history of continuation
Hryhoruk N. A. Mykola Chubaty and scientific society the name of Shevchenko
Salata H. V. Professor Proskuryakovs scientific school: some words on reconstruction of history of science and technology
Kondratieva D. A. Historical lessons on the example of P.Kulishs work Painted Haydamachyna
Kravchuk L. V. Collective farm building in Ternopil region during September 1939 June 1940
Rafalska H. V. The Painter and the War: everyday life in occupied Kyiv (19411943) in the watercolour paintings of the artist and ethnographer Yuri Pavlovich
Lukyanenko . V. Egodocuments on life of students of Poltava pedagogical institute during the GermanSoviet war (P.2)
Skrypchuk G. V. Development of the state cultural policy in the conditions of overcoming the socioeconomic crisis
Hnatyuk V. M. National honor and dignity as imperative in internal and external politics of Ukraine
Ralko R. S. Students construction unit of higher educational establishments of Kyiv: geography and directions of activity (19601991th years) (to the 55th anniversary of the sending of the first student building detachment from Kyiv)
Redziuk V. V. The main stages of development and vectors of activity of youth organizations and movements of democratic and European integration direction in Ukraine (20042014)
Hulyma O. TothequestionaboutthetransmissionofCrimeatoUkrainian SovietSocialistic Republic
Bey N. O. Periods of development of car production in Ukraine: historiography of problem
Bilovus L. I. Ukrainian periodicals of the USA on certain Diaspora museum institutions activity in order to preserve national identity
Kruhliak D. M. The role of the Soviet nomenklatura in the transition from partySoviet to postsocialist monocentrism
Mammadov E. V. Log houses of the ancient SamunisMingechevir
Mykhailenko M. Y. The foreign policy peculiarities of the historical right governments of the Kingdom of Italy after the first stage of the unification
Minasian R. A. History of creation and functioning of the Eurasian Customs Union in 19952015
Mokienko M. M. The development of the EuroAsian accreditation association in the first decade of the 21st century
Sadykov V. V. Major tendencies of BritishSoviet militarypolitical relations in the second half of the 80s of XX century
Karbalayeva A. E. The Jalairid movement in the epic Koroglu
Aliev Sh. H. Relationships of the NeckKakhetinsky kingdom with neighboring states in the period of the government of the great period
Abidi G. A. Creation of ASGNII and training of scientific personnel
Balytskyi O. Ju. Formation of a network of museums in Bessarabia (the second half of the ղ beginning of century)
Krynytska T. O. The Russian Federation positions on the reform of the United Nations
Martynov V. L. The future without optimism: international contradictions in the territory of Central and Southeast Europe on the pages of Russian journals (19101911)

Philosophicl sciences

Dankanich R. I. Vorurteil as a source of understanding in Gadamers philosophical hermeneutics
Dubinina V. O. The project of the universal hermeneutical by F. Ast
Zavidnyak B. T. Theodicy of Fridrich Schelling
Meleschuk A. . Specificity of organicism in the philosophy of the history of K.Leontiev and N.Danilevsky
Bredun I. V., Kompaniiets L. V. Conceptualization of Fate: philosophical interpretations
Spivak V. V. Recipes of family happy in heritage of Antony Radivilovsky
Chornomorets E. M. Maximus the Confessor of the aesthetic contemplation of symbolic reality
Saliy A. Loneliness and alienation in the philosophical worldview of Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Sobolevsky Ya. A. Main philosophical ideas of the American Enlightenment
Krotenko L. B. Ethnolinguistic studios are a philosophy of tradition and modernity (based on authors manual Britain vs. Ukraine: Wheel of the Year, Festivals) Litha vs. Ivan Kupalas holiday)
Yurchenko E. A. Microcivilization processes in the measurement of the monadological approach
Ukhov A. S. Existential ideas in neopatrist synthesis
Shnizer M. M. Metaphor in philosophy and philosophy in metaphor
Wozniak S. V. The fatality of philosophy on metaphysics
Zakharenko K. Effectiveness of the use of the potential of nonstate actors of information security
Kontsurak . Key issues of the environmental strategy of Ukraine
Kravchenko T. O. Concept of sustainable development of society in the context of convergence of modern super technologies (philosophical analysis)
Kubko V. P., Baranyuk A. V. The role of communicative strategy in the activities of advertising agencies
Levkulych V. V. Justice as worldview orientation of public consciousness
Lukanova V. V. A pandemic in the context of modern global processes: a civilization ground the binary opposition humanity/environment
Melnyk V. V. Culture as the main factor of improvement of personality under the conditions of global social space: anthropological, ontological and axiological principles
Aliyev E. M. Historical aspect in Ukrainian cinematography
Borozdykh N. V. Popularization of science: the role of scientific and technical museums
Gapchenko O. V. The archetype of freedom in the Ukrainian tradition
Dmytrenko M. Y. Corporate culture in the discourse of corporeality
Dobrodum O. V. Mythology of the contemporary Internet
Palasyuk H. B., Palasyuk M. I. The problem of neoplatonist philosophy influence of formation of national philosophical ideas in XVIXVIIcc
Shpachinskiy I. L. About some religious features of crosscultural communication in modern Ukrainian society
Gavelia A. R. Spiritual and aesthetic values as a reflection of the religious consciousness of the modern man: confessional measurement
Grinko E. A. Religion and Modern Ukrainian Society
Nesprava M. V. Terrorist organization Islamic State: religious aspect
Filonenko A. S. Theology and University: Ukrainian context
Syladij I. Axiological foundations of democratization of education
Bushman I. O. Educational policy the strategy of formation of education system
Vodoslavskyi V. M. The psychological foundations of successful education and leading a healthy lifestyle by students of specialty Pharmacy
Shypko O. M. The ccommunicative activity as a resource of rival university
Goncharenko O. A. LvivWarsaw School on the Value of Logical Education
Gumenuk A. M. The anthropological orientation of postmodern education
Kapustin S. Educational palette of forming a holistic outlook of personality
Melnyk M. V. The research on factors for choosing the provisor specialty and career growth of students of pharmaceutical faculty of IvanFrankivskiy National Medical University
Nevmerzhitskaya N. M. The social responsibility of students in Ukraine in the context of the risks associated with the lifestyle
Khirina G. O., Kulakova O. M., Savchenko A. O. Department as a social organism before the emergence of philosophical disciplines in medical and pharmaceutical educational institutions

Political sciences

Bader A. V. Countering rumors as an element of information defense within the framework of modern armed violence
Dzhus O. A. International military partnership: concept and essence
Vahina O. M. Methods of determining the results of proportional voting: varieties and application peculiarities
Stoyko O. M. Energy transitions as a subject of research in social sciences
Yavir V. A. Ethnopolitical disintegration as an ethnic (ethnopolitical) process: factors, peculiarities, classifications
Karaschuk M. G. New face political governance
Krasnitska H. M. Globalization of national identity
Radko P. G., Prykhodko S. M. The features of political participation in the conditions of edemocracy
Pronoza I. I. Information security of the state: the essence and basic definitions
Nakonechnyi V.S. Classification of separatism: ontological and gnosiological determinants
Salimzadeh M. I. Decentralization policy in formation of local selfgovernment
Semko V. L. Ukrainian ethnos: finding of status of ethnos that forms the state
Shkirchak S. I. Civil society in the program of political parties of modern Ukraine
Vonsovych O. S. Integration of Ukraine into the European security system: is it possible not?
Gotsuliak V. M. The significance of national selforganization in the Ukrainian statebuilding
Fedorchuk O. . State policy of Ukraine in the sphere of higher education during the period of perestroika (19851991)
Derevinskyi V. F. Crimean problem and peculiarities of its solution in 19891999
Oleksenko V. O. The transformation of Ukrainian party system: 19912017
Levchenko A. V., Levchenko M. O. The phenomenon of self-organization of Ukrainian society: based on the historical experience of the Zaporozhian Sich
Melnyk V. M. Theory of symphony in horizontal and vertical dimensions as a politicalanthropological feature of Byzantine history
Kartashov E. G. Limited decentralization in Croatia: achievements and miscalculations
Borovets I. G. Fight against corruption as one of the main Croatias priorities during negotiations on the EU membership 20062013
Ishcheikin K. Y. The implementation of participatory budgeting in the USA
Krupeniya I. M. ASEAN Jubilee Summit and Asian Marathon D.Trump
Soltanova G. R. Globalization and the new challenges of modernity in the traditional East

Scientific life

Vitkalov S. V., Vitkalov V. G. Scientific outcome of the year: the XIII international scientificpractical conference European integration processes in modern Ukraine: problems and prospects of development in the city of Rivne
V. Kryukov. Review of the monography Ferhad Turanly The Cossack period in Ukraines history in Ottoman Turkish written sources (the second half of the 16th the first quarter of the 18th century)
Semerhei N. V. Ukrainian mentality and national cultural identity in historiosophical receptions of modern Ukrainian discourse. Review of the monograph: KalakuraY.S. The mental dimension of Ukrainian civilization / KalakuraY.S., RafalskyiO.O., YuriyM.F. K.: Heneza, 1917. 560p.
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