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. . ( ) The Feldman family museum
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Khalafova S. Formation of library fund: idea, concept and development ( : , )
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. . 19341939
. . ³ : 1789
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Jafarli D. The rise of the Quranist movement in Egypt (19th to 20th centuries): a historical approach ( XIXXX : )
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Sanotska N. Posthumanism: Genealogy, Strategies, Practices (: , 㳿, )
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. . . (20042010.):
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Haydanka Ye. I., Martinkovich M. SocioPolitical Fragmentation and Peculiarities of Transboundary Cooperation of the Highest Selfgovernment Body (on the example of the Trnava Region of the Slovak Republic) ( ( ))
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. . : 쳿 . 19561960: 1. / .: .. (. .) [ .]; .: .., .., .. [ .]. , 2016. 872.; 2. / .: .. (. .) [ .]; .: .., .., .. [ .]. , 2016. 1064.


Historical sciences

Kagamlyk S. R. Ukrainian church elite in defense of interests of Orthodox Church under the Russian centralism (second half of the XVII early XVIII cent.)
Bortnikova A. V. Conceptual measurement of local selfgovernment institutions in the foreign social and political opinion (the second half of the 19 th. and early 20 th. centuries)
Zhytnyk L. A. Educational activity of the Old Believers on the territory of the Chernihiv province and beyond its borders in the second half ղՖth early Ֆth century
Lomako L. I. Development of teaching seminars in the Ukrainian land of the second half of the XIX the beginning of the xx centuries: evaluation of the process contemporaries
Melnykov E. O. The reforming of the Odessa military district in the 70ies of the XIX century
Dubchak Ye. V. Research of ancient history in the works of professors St.Vladimirs university
Lyubych A. A. Free Cossacks (19171918)
Vargatyuk S. V. Succession of diplomatic representatives of the UNR Directorate with the commanding of FrenchGretsk detsant to the south of Ukraine
Ruban V. V. The research of the mood and behavior of the population of Soviet Ukraine in the 19201930s.: trends of modern national historiography
Tkachenko I. V., Sagach O. M. To the history of health care development in Ukraine in the first quarter of the twentieth century
Dvornitska L. V. Influence of insurgent songs 19401950 on forming of national consciousness of the young generation
Shapovalenko Ye. Yu. Trade and exchange relations in peasants of Chernihiv regions everyday life under the occupation regime in 19411943
HalytskaDidukh T. V. The informational and propaganda policy of the Soviet power in the western regions of the Ukrainian SSR in 19441947 (on the example of Stanislaviv region)
Svynarenko N. O., Dobrunova L. E. Evacuation of the prominent institutions of higher education, science and culture of Kharkiv in the Great Patriotic war: problems of the modern native historiography
Sylka O. S. Every day life of the inhabitants of orphanages of central Ukraine and evacuees in 19421945 years
Dovbnia O. A. Modern national historiography of the repressive policy of the Soviet State regarding the peasantry of the Ukrainian SSR in the postwar decade
Salata H. V. Contribution of Professor L.D.Prokuryakov and his scientific and technical school into the development of construction mechanics
Lukyanenko . V. Egodocuments on life of students of Poltava pedagogical institute during the GermanSoviet war (P.1)
Slotiyk P. V. A vision of the future in the context of the problem of national centralism by M.Drahomanov
Shevchuk L. V. European identity of Ukraine: geopolitical, historical and ideological aspects
Chyrkov O. A. Coverage of the ethnic cultural development of population of Ukrainian territorial part of Europe in two history atlases
MiroshnychenkoHusak L. A. The exhibitional work of the Department of ethnography and crafts of the Volyn Museum of Local Lore (19892015)
Bilovus L. I. The Ukrainian religious institutions of the USA in the defense of the statehood of the Ukrainian state (on the materials of the Ukrainian Diasporas periodicals)
Dyakiv V. M. The folk Christian religiosity in the system of Ukrainians calendar rituality: aspects of research
Eidel E. M. A Piece of Christs Passions (Script Longin) from The Feldman family museum collection
Zaets E. V. Library of the KievSofia Cathedral: the history of formation and the present state
Zatorskyy o. N. Some obscure and rare words of the Epistle of Misael and their etymology
Kruhliak D. M. The role of the Soviet nomenklatura in the transition from partySoviet to postsocialist monocentrism
Podobied O. A. Ukrainian musical life in the postwar West Germany
Kovalska L. A. Correspondence as a historical source of personal origin
Nikolaeva N. B. The life way of the doctor and lecturer Alexandr Anokhin
Rybachok O. M. UNESCOs activities in the development of international projects for digital documentary heritage
Parvin Karımzade. Theoretical aspects of issue of nation
Majnunov R . Azerbaijani (turk) toponomy of bilisi
Khalafova S. Formation of library fund: idea, concept and development
Allahverdiyeva G. A. Azerbaijan in the context of the RussianOttoman geopolitical contradictions in the first half of the 18th century
Osmolovska O. Y., Mikhaylenko I. O. Georgia USA: Multilateral Cooperation (19912012)
Parakhina M. B. History of formation of Ukrainian diaspora in the Russian Federation: economic and social political mechanism of arising and respective of maintenance
Popelniuk B. The result of the polis system crisis in the economy of the Balkan Greece
Shevchuk V. A. Cadre policy of the Adventist Church on the Second day of the Commonwealth
Ilchishin S. O. AntiPolish activity in the educational institutions of the Eastern voivodeships in the 2nd Commonwealth in 19341939
Kazakevych O. M. From threat to unity to acknowledgement of valuableness: French linguistic policy towards the minority languages since 1789
Hryhoruk N. A. George Washington and beginning American revolution
Jafarli D. The rise of the Quranist movement in Egypt (19th to 20th centuries): a historical approach
Malovanyi O. ., Staranchuk K. V. Socioeconomic reforms in Brazil during the presidency of Lula daSilva (20032011)

Philosophicl sciences

Zubov V. O., Kryvega L. D. The main ideas of Aurelius Augustine about the state
BorisovaZheleznova K. O. Culture as a factor of personality formation in field research Ruth Benedict
Vershina V. ., Mykhailiuk A. V. Conception of carnival of M. M. Bakhtin as explanatory model of cultural and historical transformations
Khromyak N. L. Theological ontology of Karl Bart
Huseynov Yu. Outlook of Abdurrahimov bay Hagverdiyev, Molla Nasraddin outstanding member
Stepanov V. V., Novychenko I. Sociological futurology of Anthony Giddens: a social and philosophical revision
Kravchenko S. S. Conditions for the formation of sociophilosophical worldview of Oliver Wendell Holmes
Karpenko A. Bob Jessops strategicrelational conception of the state
Sannkov S. V. Mythologems of Jan Hus antisacramental views on the Eucharist
Maksyuta . Ye., Kolomyets A. I. Semblance by Hryhoriy Skovoroda and the national image of being: to the actualization of humanistic ideas
Pavlova T. S. The obligation of rational behavior as a reasonable and socially necessary in German classical philosophy
Drobotenko M. O. Performance Philosophy as a didactic project of performative philosophy: the German experience
Vashkevich V. M. Worldview philosophical foundations of science and the problem of demarcation (Continuation)
Didenko L. V. Philosophy and science: distinguishing remarks
Polishchuk O. S., Polishchuk O. V. Language as a value and a principle of consolidation of the nation in the process of globalization
Bredun I. V. Eschatology: outline on the problem of beginning
Timchenko O. P., Vimert . ., Yakym . . Subject of social action phenomenon
Dyakovskaya G. ., Kashyrskii M. I. The narrative modus of human being
Khilko N. I. Ecological culture and effective means of its formation
Amirov E. A. The connection between mathematics and philosophy on the discretestructural plane of thinking: the discretestructural model of the world
Rashadat G. Ya. Philosophy of the concept of sustainable development
Volynets A. A. Irrationalism and stochasticism as a form of manifestation of Chaos in the culture of the New Age
Andreyev O. V. Reflections on papal primacy in the future dialogue with the Orthodox
Kryshtal A. . Worldly and religious in the treatment of the state: secularisation in the western world
Mokienko M. M. Modern trends in the development of Pentecostal missionary ecclesiology
Nesprava M. V. Three scenarios of Islam development in Europe
Podorozhny Y. A. Society of solidarity in the Christian social concept
Telizhenko L. V. Human integrity in ancient civilizations: postnonclassical vision
Shevchenko M. I. Trends of cultural dynamics in the context of contradictions of modernity social and cultural changes
Shnizer M. M. Metaphor as tool of reflection of social reality
Bogdanova N. G. The problem of selfrealization of a person in the modern information society
Kholokh O. I. Processes of simulations and simulacra in the context of new war: philosophicalanthropological understanding
Hirlina N. Y. The phenomenon of cybersocialization in the conditions of the mediacultural space
Drapushko R. Humanistic ideological and ideological paradigm in the modern tourist policy of the state: the formation and realization
Zakharenko K. Information influences as sources of information danger exacerbation
Kontsurak .. Ecological state of the state: paradoxes of theory and practice
Krasnitska H. M. Problems of nations unity in globalization conditions
Kulyk O. V. American and Ukrainian learning goals in philosophy
artynova S. P. Crisis consciousness: from personal crisis to social marginalization
Melnik Yu. M., Shevchenko A. A. Selfrealization as a phenomenon
Movchan M. N. Fears in the spiritual and cultural traditions of Ukraine
Olifer O. Ye. The fission problem as a key aspect of personal identity
Orishchenko N. O. Property of representation of a Beautiful Lady: game of the composition of the curtain culture
Sanotska N. Posthumanism: Genealogy, Strategies, Practices
Slastenko E. F., Yahodzinskyi S. N. Philosophy of medicine: formation of subject field
Sosunovsky V. S. Problematic field of social being of the territorial community in the modern Ukraine
Svistun V.V. Musical avant-garde: search for new expressiveness
Tkachenko K. O. Lawyers professional ethics in work with corporations: games with the law the question of normativity
Grytsenko M. V. Providing quality culture in higher education: foreign experience
Siladia I. Concept of pedagogical discourse in modern scientific researches
Chervona L. M. Principles for the development of student self governance in universities
Balahura O. O. The modern influence of education on the formation of a personality in the modern society
Levkulych V. V. Translation problems: true of social and cultural dependence of the concept of justice
Goncharenko O. A. Free time pedagogy of LvivWarsaw School
Dodonov D. R. Universitiesimmigrants: problems of the nowadays and prospects of the reintegration
Kapustin S. Concept of world outlook in the light of modern philosophical and pedagogical discourse
Nevmerzhitskaya N. M. Social priorities of students in the context of the professional becoming
Opanasyuk Yu. Distance learning as a consequence of the evolution of the traditional system of education
Stasiv T. G. Features of baseline education of pharmacists of discipline Patent science
Struk O. A. Attestation and continuous education of pharmacists

Political sciences

Shchedrova G. P. Evolution of scientific approaches concerning the political analysis of international organizations
Yavir V. A. Ethnopolitical disintegration: the search for features in the definitions of related sciences
Opanasuk T. A., Nevynna G. Ya. Institute of political opposition in the system of power relations
Petrov A. M. Methodology of crisis phenomena studying of social and political modernizations
Bader A. V. Rumors as an element of the information component of modern armed violence
HaiNyzhnyk P. P. UkrainianRussian intergovernmental relations under the presidency of V.Yushchenko (20042010): a view from the recent past
Derevinskyi V. F. Issues of energy efficiency and energy saving as factors of national consolidation in the program documents of modern Ukrainian parties
Horiunova E. O. The problem of the annexation of Crimea in the foreign policy of the European Parliament
Lepska N. V. The problem of the conceptualization of space in contemporary sociopolitical scientific discourse
Sakun A. V., Kadlubovych T. I. The policy of information society as the policy of scandal
Karpiak O. M. Political adaptation of personality in the context of transitional society
Kunytskyi M. P. Features and tendencies of motivation of conduct of political class and society are in the context of demokratization in Ukraine
Vonsovych O. S. The game of muscles between North Korea and the United States of America: implications for international security
Haydanka Ye. I., Martinkovich M. SocioPolitical Fragmentation and Peculiarities of Transboundary Cooperation of the Highest Selfgovernment Body (on the example of the Trnava Region of the Slovak Republic)
Zavada Y. I. Nuclear Program of Iran in the context of IranianIsraeli relations
Zeynalova Sh. I. Necessity of update of the mechanism of cooperation and integration between Azerbaijan and the EU
Ishcheikin K. Y. The Polish experience of participatory budgeting implementation
Polovyi T. Ye. PolishBelarussian relations at the present stage: preconditions and factors of rapprochement
Kalytchak R. H. Subnational factor in the relations between the EU and third countries: the case of Canada
Sliusarenko I. Yu. Peculiarities of the policy of the Russian Federation on the formation of the border with the states of the postSoviet space
Trofimov E. A. Formation of national identity in Russia and Ukraine: political analysis
AlAzawee Header Adil Kadim. Armed Forces role in formation of security and foreign policy of Turkish Republic

Scientific life

T. Motornaya, ethnographer (Kyiv - Kalyk), brungilda@ukr.net "KALNIK - CAPITAL OF UKRAINE ..."
Bryghytska S. A. Review for the publication of documents and materials: History of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. 19561960: Part1. Documents and materials / Editorial Board: O.S.Onyshchenko (Ed.inChief) [and others]; arrangement: L.M.Yaremenko, H.V.Indychenko, S.V.Starovoit [and others]. Kyiv, 2016. 872p.; Part2. Appendices / Editorial Board: O.S.Onyshchenko (Ed.inChief) [and others]; arrangement: L.M.Yaremenko, H.V.Indychenko, S.V.Starovoit [and others]. Kyiv, 2016. 1064p.
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