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Borchuk S. M. Ukrainian general encyclopedia: from idea to its implementation ( : )
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Jafarova A. I. Gender equality and its role in the development dynamics of education ( )
Doroshenko V. S. Peculiarities of the use of system theories and their principles in teaching process ( )
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Ramazanova S. Sociopolitical activity of Mehriban Aliyeva as the proof of Azerbaijani womans working status ( 볺 )
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XIII ̳ - : - , 16-17 2017


Historical sciences

Kagamlyk S. R. Kyiv Metropolia against the Pechersk Lavra: a dispute over a monopoly on Kyiv printing as a destructive factor in the consolidation of the Ukrainian Clerical elite of the early modern age
Zatorskyy N. Loanwords in the Epistle of Misael
Varanytsya A. O. I am a teacher and my pupils are only children: Life history of Wiktor Balicki on the background of PolishUkrainian relations in Galicia of the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century
Wowk L. G. The activity of Uchitelska gromada in the First World War and the first successful years
Levytskyi V. O. The development of the light industry of the Chernigiv province in the second half of the XIX early XX century
smolovska O. Y., Ivasikiv V. V. From Dux to Rex: To the question of the coronation of Danylo Romanovich
Mykhtunenko V. V. Public activity of professor I.Hurliand
Salata H. V. Scientific school of Professor L. D. Proskuryakov: Ivan Petrovich Prokofiev (18771958)
Kotliarov P. M. Theory of education in the Philipp Melanchthons early pedagogical and religious works
Kuznietsov P. V. Life way, organizational and scientific activity academician V. M. Ipatyev
Fedkov O. M. The attempts to restore the influence and the decay of the Ukrainian Social Democratic Union during the period of the revolutionary upsurge (19101912)
HaiNyzhnyk P. P. UkrainianBulgarian intergovernmental and diplomatic relations: 1918th
Vargatyuk S. V. Diplomatic contacts of the UNR Director with representatives of Antants Staff in southern Ukraine
Lytvyn N. N. Training of specialists in trade and economic profile in a planned economy in the 1930 year
Slobodian S. O. Work on the concept of national history as part of the writing of school textbooks in the USSR in 19341935
Plazova T. I. Highlighting of the activity of Ukrainian PartisanInsurgency Staff in the interior period (historiographic aspect)
Maxiuta M. E., Mala Ya. L. Constitutively of feminist ideas in the Ukrainian national-cultural life of the first third of the twentieth century
Diachenko A. V. Ukrainian Legion of SelfDefense in a struggle for the Ukrainian national idea during the GermanSoviet war
Dyptan L. S. Medical and sanitary situation in Ukraine in 19441946 and migration of the population
Lukyanenko . V. Caricature wars in the educational media of the Ukrainian SSR of the thaw period (19531964) (P.10)
Bulhakova O. V. Special features of formation of scientific and pedagogical intelligentsia of Soviet Ukraine in the middle of 1950s first half of 1960s
Chaika Yu. V. Knowledge and thematic development of the Ukrainian cinematograph
Matviichuk N. V. Major themes of Myron Kuropass publicism
Borchuk S. M. Ukrainian general encyclopedia: from idea to its implementation
Kazmyrchuk M. G. Value of religious and pilgrimage tourism in the newest foreign studies
Kobyjcha N. I. Library funds of Ukraine in terms of intellectual freedom and freedom of information access
Kyshyrets K. O. Preparation Carnation Revolution by Armed Forces Movement
Mikhalevich V. V., Bratus I. V. Historical and cultural precontrives of printing in Europe
Oliynyk O. . Historical contextuality of hospitality in Ukraine and the world: problems aspectuality
Prysiazhniuk O. M. The source base for the study the history of formation the system of protection of monuments of the cultural heritage in Odessa region
Shemeta Y. M. Ukrainian nation building in the historical thought of Ukraine 19912001
Kiriakov . The Boiotian Leage in fighting with Spartan hegemony at 379371 B.C.
Korolyevich V. V. The emergence of accounting for people in need of better housing conditions
Vlasova A. Y. The audiovisual documents as a source of research the womens movement in France (19451975)
Osmolovska O. Y., Lozian M. I. Industrial recovery of the 70s XIX century in Azerbaijan and the beginning of the penetration of foreign capital into the Baku oil industry
Rzaev V. Statutes of the Ministry of National Education of Russia and Nakhichevan Uyezd School: the origin and stages of development
Bayramli J. Lighting of the motion of Hurramits in the Russian historiography of the XIX century
Kazymbayli I. Process on giving of Yeravan and establishment of armenian state in the region

Philosophicl sciences

Bondarchuk B. G. J. Lacans symbolization of speech activity as a way of overcoming the subjectobject model of language
Hutovska O. V. Metamorphosis of the phenomenon of love in S. Kierkegaards Stage conception
Khanzhy V. B. Plato: from the problem of good and evil to the problem of theodicy
Besedina H. O. The contribution of theory of L. Thevenot L. Boltanski sociology of the cities in the critical rethinking of practices oriented approaches to the study of social phenomena
Orishchenko N. O. The image of Beatrice in the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri
Dobrolyubska H. I., Dobrolyubska Yu. A. Littleknown Christian Fürchtegott Gellerts heritage
Dudchenko A. V. The locality and autocephaly in the Eucharistic ecclesiology of Alexander Schmemann
Zborovska X. B. Ontological project of Mayster Eckhart as the basis of antropology of Nicholas of Cusa
Ishchuk N. V. Joannes Zizioulas concept of coinonia
Nesprava M. V. E. Nortons theory on the Muslim factor in Europe
Mitrophorist Archpriest Garat I. Ishast tradition in the heritage of Vasil Surazi
Pavlovskaya O. V. The idea of God and the problem of the concept God definition: logic and philosophical analyses
Bredun I. V. Eschatological ideas: the Old Testament
Rusin I. I. Christocentricity of modern Protestant theology of mission
Samchuk V. A. Reflection of the ideas of social transformations in the philosophy of pragmatism of George Herbert Mead
Stryzhachuk F. V. The apologetic potentiality of the philosophical theism of Richard Swinburne
Sokolovsky O. L. Christological concepts in the teaching of the antignostic Fathers
Khromyak M. V. The theological method of Gregory of Nyssa in the context of his theological anthropology
Khromyak N. L. Key theological ideas of Karl Barth in the denial of natural theology
Holodyuk N. V. Features of normative legal regulation of religious tourism and pilgrimage in Ukraine
Akhundov P. Reforming trends in world religions
Podorozhny Y. A. Ukrainian Protestant political theology
Vashkevich V. M. Worldview philosophical foundations of science and the problem of demarcat
Beniuk O. B. Technological innovations and artistic experiment in the century
Biletska A. V. The strategy of developing an effective model of socioeconomic development as the basis of social stability and national security
Bogdanova N. G. Valuable priorities as the coordinates of the social world of a modern person
Boiko A. S. Language as the fundamental phenomenon of the third world
Vorozheikin Ye. P. Screen as means of forming visuallyinformational experience
Kyrychenko M. O. Directions of the informational society ideology in conditions of social relationship transformation in Ukraine
Kliman S. V. Evolutionary evidence of love: the hypothesis of the origin of mutual affection
Kovalchuk N. D., Jakubovská V. Symbolical status of the main cosmogonic images in ethnogenesis of Ukrainians
Lavrova L. V. Human corporeality in modern mass culture
Malishena Y. O. Main reserchers interests of social epistemology
Martynov R. S., Bilous M. A. The phenomenon of schizophrenic communication in philosophy and psychiatry
Maslikova I. I. Social wellbeing as the goal of state policy: attempts to ethical conceptualize
Okorokov V. V. Transformation of the social ideal in the information society as the basis of modern utopia
Pankiv O. V. Social and ethical constituents of Internet communication
Petik Ia. O. Methods of solving the omnidoxasticity problem
Pohasii L. P. Worldview aspects of dialogue as linguistic and social and cultural phenomenon
Skyrtach V. M. Conceptualization of the subject and its anthropological consequences
Strashko I. V. Blog diversity: unity and variety of its functional characteristics
Subbotin V. M. Main trends and prospects of modern processes of global institutionalization
Tkachenko K. O. Ethical dimension of lawyer professional activity
Tsvibel A. A. The role of the concept of pragmatic belief in modern communicative theories
Shevchenko M. A. The problem of human controlled evolution
Kyikov O. Yu. Phenomenon of international education in the modern age of globalization and information revolution
Jafarova A. I. Gender equality and its role in the development dynamics of education
Doroshenko V. S. Peculiarities of the use of system theories and their principles in teaching process
Merlyanova O. A. Project as a form of educational process in the higher educational institution of arts
Ratushna A. M. Understanding the educational ideal in the cultural and educational space of Ukraine in 19191940
Shabaeva L. M. New Ukrainian school: philosophical foundations of foundation

Political sciences

Vasylchuk E. O. The theoretical approaches to the study of illegal paramilitary and armed formations
Vonsovych O. S. American military base in Ukraine: myth or reality?
Ishcheikin K. Y. Correlation between collective and individual in participatory budgeting procedures
Karpiak O. M. Political adaptation of personality (factor analysis of the process)
Kyslenko R. V. Features of hybrid political regimes of postcommunistic space
Kunytskyi M. P. Psychological determinants of motivation of political conduct in the conditions of democratization of public relations
Niyazov Kh. State information policy: traditional approach and modern conceptions
Petrov P. G. To the problem definition of content understand image, vision, brand
Soloviova A. S. Specifics of modern Ukrainian political discourse in the context of the need to strengthen national security
Filatov B. Contemporary patriotic political forces party strategies: reflection in the institutional transformations
Doskich L. S. Political Activities at the Local: theoretical and methodological principles for determining the system of local selfgovernment in Ukraine and its functioning within reform processes
Bidochko L. Ya. Leftist politics in Ukraine (1990s): economic and noneconomic factors
Gotsuliak V. M. The ideas of S.Petliura in the processes the formation of Ukrainian statehood
Demyanchuk V. A. Features of the electoral campaign Ivan Gel to the supreme council of Ukraine and the local authorities of the government (1990)
Zymenkova V. V. Barack Obamas Afghanistan Legacy
Yurchak V. M. Middle East conflicts as a challenge to the Franco-American partnership
Kan Den Sik. The crisis aggravation on the Korean peninsula and the strategic course of the Republic of Korea
Mirbashir E. Strategy of involvement of the international organizations to fair permission of the ArmenianAzerbaijani, NagornoKarabakh conflict
Ramazanova S. Sociopolitical activity of Mehriban Aliyeva as the proof of Azerbaijani womans working status
Cherban O. O. The concept of the development of the media in the Czech Republic and their influence on political decisions

Scientific life

XIII International Scientific and Practical Conference on the topic European integration processes in modern Ukraine: cultural and artistic aspects of development, November 16-17, 2017
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