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Luchakivska I. Socjalnomaterialny stan fachowych grup inteligencji na zachodnich obwodach Ukrainy 19391941 latach ( 19391941 .)
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. . : ISO 15489
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Kadievska I. A., Nariadko H. Ya. The perspectives of education in modern society ( )
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Bakhshiyeva Ye. South Caucasus: hydrosecurity problems in human rights context (ϳ : )
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Historical sciences

Moskaleva Yu. R. The guardianship of homeless and neglected children in the south of Ukraine (60ies of the XVIII beginning of XX centuries): the quantitative descriptivestatistical sources and bibliographies
Greenchak M. O. The main directions of cooperation of the Congress of South miners with public authorities in the second half of the nineteenth early twentieth century
Klish A. B. OsypMakovey and socialChristian movement in Halychynaof the end of 19 at the beginning of 20 centuries (to the 150th anniversary from the first birthday)
Lysenko V. S. The formation of the messianic vision of Galicia is Ukrainian Piedmont in the second part of the XIX the first part of the XX centuries
Hnatenko L. A. Creation of attributive databases of Ukrainian medieval Cyrillic manuscripts: towards determination of the problem
Petryk N. R. The process of forming collections of the first public museums of Lviv,which was founded by the representatives of Polish Princely families(Museum of the Lubomyrskis Princes and Museum of Didushytski)
HaiNyzhnyk P. P. Legislative and normativelylegal basis of becoming of the diplomatic service of the Ukrainian State for Hetmanat in 1918
Volontyr O. O. Organizational principles of education of ethnic minorities in the Volyn province in the first half of the 1920s
Humenyuk V. V. Political disposition of the peasantry of the national minorities of Ukrainian steppe (second half of the 1920s)
Nikolaeva N. B. Faina Mykhailivna Khmara: how she was repressed by the NKVD in 1937
Luchakivska I. Social and financial position professional group of intellectual in the western regions of Ukraine 19391941ies
Salata H. V. Scientific school of Professor L. D. Proskuryakov: personification of the history of science and technology
Slobodyanyuk M. . Modern regional historiography of AntiNazi struggle of OUNUPA
Stepanchuk Y. S. The historiographical image of Bohdan Khmelnitsky on the pages of the scientific publication Ukraine in the central eastern part of Europe (from the earliest times till the end of XVIII century)
Frolov S. V., Prykhodko T. M. Department of Social Sciences of the Kharkov Veterinary Institute in the first postwar decade (19451955)
Tsumariev M. I. The place of culture of local democracy in the political science literature of the second half of the 20th and early 21st century
Lukyanenko . V. Caricature wars in the educational media of the Ukrainian SSR of the thaw period (19531964) (P.8)
Zaichenko I. A. Sociocultural adaptation of the Third Aliyah Jews in Palestine
Gorbenko A. S. Historiography of the problem of social service of the Catholic Church among immigrants in Italy
Bilovus L. I. Ukrainian church in the United States on the pages of Ukrainian periodic works: cultural and educational activity
Bilo L. M. The cultural and educational work of Volyn Local History Museum (19912016)
Chyrkov O. A. Ukrainian books of 2014 as the reactionof the postcolonial society to the military aggression of the former metropoly
Shakurova O. V. Concepts of the late medieval origin of the Ukrainian ethnos in the works of modern Ukrainian researchers
Shalashna N. M. The idea of the sovereignty of the Ukrainian people in the Palinodia of Zachariah Kopystensky
Hlushan O. V. The development of the international standardization of records management: renewing of ISO 15489
Matskiv T. Ya. On the question of the definition of national identity: the theoretical aspect
Perga T. Y. Noospheric approach to the development of civilization new paradigm?
Pinchuk E. A., Koliadych E. V. Physical culture and sports in the historiosophical discourse
Slobodian S. O. Letter by J. Stalin to the editorial board of the journal Proletarian Revolution: context, content, consequences
Ivanov Y. V. Functional disorder of social governance system in the Soviet Union: sociophilosophical analysis
Dzyublenko . ., Mishchenko M. G. Evolution of the Gibraltarian conflict development
Rajabli R. G. Some issues of the Azerbaijani family and family life in the writings of the famous writer M.S.Ordubadi

Philosophicl sciences

Ilina H. V. Metodological aspect of the term theory in the system of philosophical thinking
Sakun A. V. Culture of thinking in the evolution of scientific knowledge: analytical discourse
Savytska I. M., Yova V. Y. Interpretation of the phenomenon of freedom in philosophy Immanuel Kant
Vedmedev V. M. Absurdity in the existential anthropology of Andrei Platonov
Dobrzyński A. A. Moral evil and human free will Augustine and the Pelagian controversy
Saliy A. V. Context of silence in the views of Semen Frank and VolodymyrLossky
Skliar A. V. Eros or agape?Conceptualization of the phenomenon of love in the philosophy of S.L.Frank
Tomashkevich V. A. Levels of human existence in the philosophy of Karl Jaspers
Faradzhova L. A. Moderate agnosticism of F. Hayek versus scientism of J. Keynes
Konstantinov M. V. Three conceptions of the cinema semiotics: Yu.Lotman, Ch.Metz, R.Barthes
Kyrychenko M. A. Formation of informatiology as an ideology of information society under the global informatization of the third millennium
Naydonov O. G. Formation of new type of symbolic thinking in a network society
Baiuzheva A. A. Identity as factor ofindividual and social existence
Bihun R. V. Category of mercy in the context of culture
limk I. G. Synthesis of arts is a factor in the actualization of the cultural and historical potential of tourism
Kuzmenko R. I. Dialectics of tolerance and love in human being
Levkulych V. V. Justice as worldview problem of the normative theory
Movchan M. N. Fear: its levels and phobia in the philosophical dimension
Bohun K. M. To the problem of cultural introductions of phobias in the context of European culture
Sardarov E. M. Social and philosophical reform of social and ecological journalism development
Svishcho Yu. Yu. Liberalism as a factor in national consolidation: problems and prospects
Bondarchuk B. G. Ontologization of speech in theories of speech communication and language games
Koldunov Y. V. Wildernessas a sacred space
Ishchuk N. V. Liturgy as a meeting
Bredun I. V. Eschatological reality of antique picture of the world
Zatorskyy N. Elemets of the Second South Slavonic Influence in the existing copies of the Epistle of Misael
Garat I. Fatherland literature in VasilySurazskysBook
Zaremba E. M. Orthodox theological projects of the future Church in Ukraine
Rozhko V. A. Hedonism and social communication in the life of the religious communities of East and West
Gorbenko V. I. The contribution of Richard Hays in the study of the use of Scripture by the apostle Paul in modern Protestantism
Mykhailichenko M. V. The conglomerate forms of organization of university education process: the search of a single form of administration
Rozputna M. V. Activity of the Metaphysical Club in the intellectual environment of American education and science in the second half of the 19th century
Eskova E. V. The Christian ethics in the curricular options of secondary education in the context of the problems of the new school
Kadievska I. A., Nariadko H. Ya. The perspectives of education in modern society
Kichkiruk T. V. Features of modern changes in the education of economic trends
Nezhyva O. M. Features of education in the UK

Political sciences

Bobruk A. M., Pohyla I. D., Denysiuk A. V. An image of a politician, verbal dimension:in the beginning was the word...
Dodonov D. R. The phenomenon of populism in the modern political space
Zgurska V. L. Community development in the context of the civil society formation
Kozma V. V. Methodological aspects of the study of personality as a subject of historical and political process
Lepska N. V. The concept of power in comprehension of modern geopolitical processes
Ishcheikin K. Y. Classification of participatory budgeting models
Stadnichenko R. V. Interpretation of the phenomena of state and power in the scientific discourse by Michel Foucault
Vasylchuk E. O. The role of illegal paramilitary and armed formations in actions of civil disobedience and militarypolitical conflicts in Ukraine
Kuzhelnyj M. O. Soft power by means of external information policy: an agenda for Ukraine
Postovoytenko A. S. Problems of development of local democracy in the conditions of political transformation and development of civil society: foreign experience and realities of Ukraine
Trofimov E. A. On the inevitability of a systemic crisis in the Russian Federation
Vonsovych O. S. Foreign Policy Dialogue D. Trump with V. Putin: Perspectives for Ukraine
Prykhnenko M. . Blairs War: Iraq war in the Tony Blairs system of personal world view beliefs
Bakhshiyeva Ye. South Caucasus: hydrosecurity problems in human rights context
Mirbashir E. Strategy of involvement of the international organizations to fair permission of the ArmenianAzerbaijani, NagornoKarabakh conflict

Scientific life

Romanyuk I. M. Review of the monograph: KomarnitskyO.B. Studentsteachers in the modernization of higher education of Soviet Ukraine in the 19201930s. Monograph / sciences.ed. prof. O.M.Zavalnyuk.KamyanetsPodilsky: LLC Printing House Ruta, 2017. 984p.
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