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. Homo Ludens ᒺ
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Butko Y. L. The influence of the Taoist anthropomistic tradition on the modern Ukrainian society ( )
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Tomaszewska K., Kłos A. The provision of social work for the eldery and dependent people ( )
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Manchulenko O. G. The USAUkraine: prospects of security alliance (: )
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Historical sciences

Poloz K. Y. Basic factors for industrial development of Dniper Ukraine in the first half of the XIX century
HaiNyzhnyk P. P. Formation of UkrainianGeorgian diplomatic relations for the Central Council of the UPR and the Ukrainian State under P.Skoropadsky Hetmanat (19171918)
Pikovska T. V. Introduction of new forms of conduct of agriculture is in 20X years of XX century
Sokyrko A. A. Exhibition activity of Ukrainian art associations in the 1920s
Nikolaeva N. B. The life way of Kyiv State Universitys professor Arnold Krister
Kravchuk L. V. Development of mystic culture in Ternopilship in the process of the range of borderization in the period of September 1939 June 1941
Mochkin S. A. The loss of the orthodox sacred heritage of Volyn region (the second half of the 1940s the first half of the 1960s)
Podenko V. P. Globalization as historical and social phenomenon, factors influencing on the national identity cultural policy
Teremetska T. V. The formation of attitudes by M. D. Ivanichev in the context of studying the history of Slavic law and the history of Ukraine of XIIIbeginning of the XVII century
Lada O. V. The comparative analysis of the financial and legal condition of scientific societies in Ukraine at the time of the Russian Empire (second half of the 19th century) and in terms of the Bolshevism policies of the Soviet state (2030ies. XX century). The historiography of the problem
Lastovskyi V. V. The glorious Cossack Ostap Dashkevych (Eustachy Daszkiewicz) in Ukrainian historiography
Hnatenko L. A. Actualization of palaeographicorthographic direction of cyrillic manuscripts research
Zahorulko R. O. Kyiv Newspapers of the First Russian Revolution Times as a Source of Studying the Ukrainians Struggle for Ukrainisation of the Kyiv Imperial University of Saint Volodymyr
Zaets E. V. Private books collections metropolitan and archimandrites that are consisting by library KievPechersk Lavra
Petrushko L. A. Wrong sorrow in the text of the yivaves aterikon: format, causes, propaedeutics
Gavrysh I. V. Features of monkish life on the territory of the Stanislaviv diocese of the UGCC during the underground period (19531989)
Lukyanenko . V. Caricature wars in the educational media of the Ukrainian SSR of the thaw period (19531964) (P.7)
Bogatyrchuk K. O. Children and youth state policy of the Ukrainian SSR 19601980s
Verbytskyi B. D. The organization and distribution of Ukrainian samizdat by brothers Mykhailo and Bohdan Horyn (19621965)
Lavrut O. . Formation of the Soviet outlook means of elementary school textbooks (for example, Ukrainian language. Textbook for grade 1 primary school. Part One. In Ukrainian)
Bilo L. M. The research work of Volyn museums (19912016)
Kyzymenko I. O. Trade Union movement of the Ukraine in nineties of century in national historiography
Mehring V. O. The Problem of Preserving the Architectural Heritage of Ukraine (based on the materials of the Mehring Palace in the Old Priluki)
Naboka S. V. Peculiarities of socialpolitical and socioeconomic development of Ukraine during independence period
Shakurova O. V. The views on ethnogenesis of the Ukrainian people of Liubomyr Terletskyi
Fihurnyi Yu. S. The scientific model of periodization of Ukrainian origin in the work of V.Balushok Ukrainian ethnic community: ethnogenesis, history, etnonimiya
Filatova N. S. Linguistic situation in the Donetsk region during the times of independent Ukraine
Kebkalo T. G., Godun N. I., Buts M. A., Kharchenko N. A. Intellectual community of Ukrainian physiologists in the Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology
Baskakova A. S. A humanitarian aspect of the Crimea problem in UkrainianRussian relations
Maslak V. I. Pereyaslav in 1654 and Gadyach in 1658: new trends in contemporary Russian historiography
Hajiyeva M. Kh. The role and duties of the National Library in promotion of Multiculturalism ideas in Azerbaijan
Ganbarova S. I. AzerbaijanArmenian relations in the 19181920years
Petrauskas E. O. The success factors of Condoleezza Rice as a first afroamerican us secretary of state
Prykhnenko M. . Blairs War: Iraq war in the Tony Blairs system of personal world view beliefs
Shevchuk V. A., Kurylyak V. V. Activities of the Adventist publishing house Poliglot in the territory of the Second Polish Republic in the interwar period
Yampolska L. M. The Kurdish national movement and militarypolitical activity of Mustafa Barzani (19031979)

Philosophicl sciences

Voronkova V. G., Kyvliuk O. P., Maksimenyuk M. Yu., Nikitenko V. O. Formation of noosphere world as the basis of information and innovation noosphere, noosphere economy and society
Mulyar V. I. Phenomenon of harmony in Eastern culture: traditions of Hinduism
Zeynalov U. A. Theoretical and methodological basis of the phenomenon civilization
Ivanov Y. V. Crisis states of society and ungovernability: theoretical and methodological bases of research
Ivanchuk V. V. The concept alienation in the modern newmarxism
Bredun I. V. Eschatological motives in the space of periodic consciousness
Kolosiuk . . Philosophical and specialscientific aspects general methodology of scientific knowledge
Vedmedev V. M. Value ambivalence of absurdity
Starovoit O. V. Innovative culture of the individual in the context of sociocultural development
Gordienko O. O. Soft management: conceptualization of modernity
Didenko L. V., KondrashovaDidenko V. I. The sociohumanities interpretations of flourishing: origin VS contemporaneity
Kyrylenko K. M. Empathy as a counterbalance to the escapism under the conditions of communication technologies domination as a means of diffusion of innovations in postindustrial society
Kobzeva Y. Y. Functional potential of philosophical essays in the problem field of existential crisis
Komisar L. . Understanding / interpretation: a panorama of methodological searches in (post)epistemology of humanities
Kochura N. N. Humanization of social development: challenges for Ukraine
Krysyuk I. M. The ideologue Kyiv is the Second Jerusalem in Ukrainian radical nationalism
Rozhko V. A. Hedonism as a threat (prerequisite) to deethization and dehumanization of man and society
Melnyk V. V. Kants Transcendental Idealism Regarding Contemporary Investigations
Sobolevsky Ya. A. Philosophy of the American thinker of Roger Williams: secularism and religious tolerance
Spivak V. V. Notion of the fortune in the philosophical composition of Anthony Radivilovskys heritage
StrielkovaYu. A. The transformation of dialectics in Karl Barths theology
Uzunova N. D. From inter to countertext: criticism of J.Kristevas views by Canadian researches (I.Boisclair, D.Bourque)
Florko L. Ya. Identity as Becoming of National SelfConsciousness in Literary Works by I.Franko
Faradzhova L. A. Historical and philosophical analysis of the transformation of liberal philosophical and economic schools and trends
Tyshchenko M. V. Role and place of context in contemporary argumentation theory
Barkov D. Y. The virtual approach problem in the network communication study
Baiuzheva A. A. Personality during the identity crisis
Hrdnytskyi . V. Strategic perspectives of social contract through the prizm of recontextualization of the project by means of practical philosophy
Lavrova L. V. Human physicality in the philosophical dimension
Pihosh . . Paisius Velichkovsky and patristic anthropology of Eastern patristic
Levkulych V. V. Justice as social and cultural value
Lytvynenko T. Child as Homo Ludens and a subject of life creation
Lukashenko M. V. Informational society and formation of virtual sociality
Naydonov O. G. Influence of informationcomputer technologies on network society development
Butko Y. L. The influence of the Taoist anthropomistic tradition on the modern Ukrainian society
Zavalniuk O. Sport in the context of modern philosophical problems of corporeality
Ibragimov M. M., Koliadych E. V. Contradictory trends in the influence of physical culture and sport on human health
Klymko I. G. Cultural tourism practices in the context of globalization problems of our time
Podolyakina O. V. A man is in the linguistic models of philosophy of language
Svystun V. V. Calmness in meaning expressing material of new music
Vakhtel A. I. On translation of the terminology of the modern Englishspeaking epistemology
Hamsheieva V. M. Monarchic (guarding) socialism by K. N. Leontev as a type of social utopia
Mykhailichenko M. V. Intervention of transformation processes of the state and university: denationalization and disclaimer of paternalism
Vdovychenko E. V. The problem of overcoming postsoviet atavisms in the system of higher education in Ukraine
Velicodna Y. M. Spiritual health in the mediacultural environment as a philosophicaleducational problem
Drobotenko M. O. The teacher as an educational philosopher
Kambur N. O. Philosophical and educational discourse of legitimation reform of higher education
Nezhyva O. M. Higher Education in Germany: basic principle
Zhang Xin. The prospects for a new model of higher education in modern Ukraine
Gasimova A. M. Dastans about gaches and the tradition of creating heroic dastans

Political sciences

Artishevskyi A. E. Extraparliamentary opposition within systemic conflict conditions
Stadnichenko R. V. Transformation of political participation in postmodern democracy
PanchakByaloblotska N. V. Governments and governmental cabinets in parliamentary democracies: system agency relationship delegating authority and responsibility
Timchenko M. M. The main criteria for the effectiveness of external party communication
Tomaszewska K., Kłos A. The provision of social work for the eldery and dependent people
Belous U. V. External characteristics of politician image formation
Balatska O. B. Armed separatism as a form of political violence: theoretical analysis
Dakhno O. Yu. The main factors of ensuring the territorial integrity of the modern state
Kaliuzhna Y. Prevention of social conflicts: information aspect
Matchuk Ya. Social media as a platform for political communication (based on European institutions)
Khonin V. M. The matrix of ranking of international technogenic relations. Third coordinate
Vasylchuk E. O. The regulatory and organizational and legal principles of prevention and counteraction of illegal paramilitary and armed groups in Ukraine
Biletska O. National and regional identities are in forming of the effective Ukrainian state system
Shustenko S. O. The role of Council of Europe in the development of European standards of human rights in Ukraine
Gaponenko V. A. Political party in the process of institutionalization of democracy in Ukraine
Holovan O. O. The evolution of D. Trump administrations policy towards Ukraine in todays order of the day
Pavlenko O. I. Responsibility of the bureaucratic apparatus of the Russian Ukraine for breach of official duties in the nineteenth century
Manchulenko O. G. The USAUkraine: prospects of security alliance
Goculyak V. M. Petliura is a symbol of national revival
Smokova H. I. Education as a basic mechanism for forming of public values of youth in Ukraine
Vonsovych O. S. The influence of the Islamic factor on the European security system
Dubov D. V., Dubova S. V. Social cyberataks as a tool of chaotizing political processes (on the example of the electoral and post electoral period in the USA in 20162017)
Parlyk V. I. The liberal direction in the party system of modern Austria
Perepelytsia N. O. Features of political concept of Francis Fukuyama
Andriianova N. M. Analysis of changes in the security area of Poland in the period before and after the entry into NATO

Scientific life

Ostapenko M. A. Review of the monograph: KasyanovaM.N. Ukrainians in migration processes in Eastern Europe in terms of transformation of the postbipolar international system / M.N.Kasyanova. Monograph. Vinnitsa: Document Printer, 2017. 520.
Kotsur A. P. Review of the monograph: ShchebetyukN.B. Development of agrarian science of Ukraine in the late 20s and 30s of the twentieth century: monograph / NAAS, NSAL, Institute of Agrarian History, Science, education and Technology; Sciences Ed. Academician NAAS V..Vergunov. Kyiv, 2017. 380p.
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